Here are some of our favorite quick and easy ways to jump start your day—including recommendations from chefs, restaurateurs, and our editors.
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Good morning! You don't have to be a morning person to start your day with a smile. Developing a regular routine and adopting morning habits that work well for you is key to feeling good when your alarm goes off first thing Monday. OK, maybe not Monday, necessarily, but most days. Here are some of our favorite quick and easy ways to jump start your day—including recommendations from chefs, restaurateurs, and our editors.

Alarm Clock

Wake up to a freshly-brewed cup of tea with this Swan Vintage Teasmade and Alarm Clock duo, $70, or set a programmable coffee maker for early morning—to fill your kitchen and home with an enticing fragrance first thing.

How to Brew Coffee: 3 Editors' Favorite Coffee Rituals

The team here at Food & Wine is laying our morning coffee rituals out there—with the exact products and gadgets we can’t live without. From percolators to French presses and beyond, here are our secrets for caffeinated bliss.

Kelsey Youngman, associate food editor: “So, I love drinking iced coffee all year long—even throughout the winter. I pretty much have a constant rotation of cold brew drip going in my fridge, and every time it runs out, I refill it. I actually have a corner of my fridge entirely dedicated to it. I love my coffee maker because it’s easy to use and makes a super big batch." (OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker, $50)

Danica Lo, digital director: “I’ve been a Bialetti Moka devotee for years. Sometimes I think I might have a caffeine problem because it’s meant to brew espresso, but I use the 12-cup size version and drink the entire thing in one go.” (The Original Bialetti Moka Express, $42)

Meg Clark, senior audience engagement editor: “For years, I was a snob about my French press and pour-over coffee, but it turns out that most weekday mornings, what matters more is caffeine efficiency and anything that will get me out of bed. I’m not ashamed to say that my ordinary drip Cuisinart usually takes the prize, since I can program it to have coffee ready right when I wake up. It’s a better alarm clock than my iPhone. (I still get good beans and grind them at home. I’m not a monster.)” (Cuisinart CHW-12 Programmable Coffeemaker, $76)

What to Eat For Breakfast

The Food & Wine staff are pretty much all die-hard breakfasteers, and some of our favorite ways to start the day include:

Chefs' 15 Minute-or-Less Morning Routines

You've probably read a lot in recent years about the importance of establishing a morning routine—and the various rituals and habits of successful, high-achieving people. Here are three chefs' personal morning, pre-work rituals that help set them up for success.

Edward Lee: “I do a lap around the dining room before service and I always adjust one place setting, even if it’s perfect. It’s never more than one. It’s just something I have to do and then I’m ready to get started.”

Gavin Kaysen: “Michel LeBorgne, the chef and founder of the New England Culinary Institute, taught me that shiny shoes are happy shoes, so I shine my shoes every day before work.”

Jamie Bissonnette: “I polish the stainless steel on my station just before service every day. I can’t start otherwise. And I always wash my clogs after service, no matter how late it is. Routines are big for chefs.”