This Limited-Edition Holiday Cold Brew Tastes Exactly Like a Creamy Hot Chocolate

It’s bound to sell out.

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Jot Ultra Coffee being poured onto a spoon
Photo: Courtesy of Jot

Frigid mornings and early sunsets are a lot more bearable when you've got a great cup of coffee on hand. Getting the perfect brew ready in seconds is a dream come true—especially one that involves a limited-edition, winter-inspired flavor like Jot Coffee's Encore.

This small-batch seasonal creation is only available while supplies last and is bound to sell out quickly (as past flavors have done in a matter of days.) Made from single-origin beans sourced by a women's organic cooperative in Guatemala, Encore tastes like a delicious mix of blackberry jam with a hint of chocolate. The brew comes in a compact bottle 20 times more concentrated than a regular cup of coffee, so adding a tablespoon into water, milk, or a milk alternative provides coffee in an instant but with the flavor of the freshest brew from your favorite coffee shop.

Jot Ultra Coffee pouring into an iced latte
Courtesy of Jot

To buy: Encore, $24 at

"We really wanted to create an Ultra Coffee to celebrate fall's grande finale," Jot co-founder and CEO Andrew Gordon said in a press release. "The flavor profile is crisp and bright, with festive chocolate and cinnamon notes."

Unlike the standard Jot concentrate, Encore is bottled in a unique glass jar that features a design by Brooklyn artist Steffi Lynn Tsai. In a press release, the artist says she was inspired by "the final stretch of productivity before winter truly begins."

And, while Jot coffee is mainly marketed as a cold brew, customers can easily warm the concentrate up to make a smooth at-home latte. As a loyal Jot drinker, I usually prefer to drink it cold, but made an exception for Encore.

Jot Ultra Coffee in various mugs
Courtesy of Jot

To buy: Encore, $24 at

I mixed a tablespoon of the concentrate with a teaspoon of brown sugar simple syrup and about eight ounces of oat milk. I frothed it in my milk frother and topped the warmed latte with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Next time, I'll add just a little less milk to bring forth a more coffee-forward flavor from the drink — I'm not a huge latte drinker, so this is my personal preference. Feel free to mix it up according to your own preferences to find the perfect balance.

Both my partner and I agreed that this is almost like a light mocha creation with the tasting notes of chocolate coming through the most. It almost reminded me of a creamy hot chocolate. It's definitely the type of drink you'll crave on a winter morning in order to stay motivated through another long day (bleh!). Snag your own bottle of Encore now, before it sells out!

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