By Mike Pomranz
Updated July 20, 2015

Food waste is one of the hottest topics of 2015. We’ve been on the food waste beat all year, touching on everything from the USDA’s new app that lets you know how long your food is good for, to a pop-up restaurant that turns waste into fancy meals, to beer made from unsold bread.

It’s an important issue, but if you don’t believe us, perhaps you’ll believe John Oliver.

On Last Week Tonight, Oliver discussed many of the subjects we’ve talked about here including the alarming amount of food Americans waste each year and the sad ways in which we do it – sometimes just throwing perfectly good salad into landfills. It’s all presented with what’s become the show’s signature mix of excellent fact digging and nearly pitch perfect humor – including a couple jokes I don’t think would fly here at FWx. Hey, we’re a family wine magazine!

So if you’re looking to get caught up on one of food’s trendiest topics, the 18 minute video above is a great crash course with some fun pop culture references along the way. Sure, 18 minutes is long for a YouTube video, but though wasting your food is bad, wasting time at work is still, thankfully, deemed relatively acceptable.