Indulging in your cold-pressed juice habit doesn't have to be quite so expensive (or wasteful). 
Credit: © Antonis Achilleos Photography

Perhaps you haven’t done the math on how much money that cold-pressed juice habit is costing you. Well, we have. And the news is not good. According to our informal survey, the average cold-pressed juice in New York City costs about $9.75. That’s $68.25 a week, if you buy one juice every day, which quickly spirals into an insane $3,549 per year. You could buy six Apple Watches with that kind of cash. Sure, cold-pressed juices are delicious and nutritious (thanks to technology that squeezes, rather than crushes, fruit and vegetable fibers, keeping enzymes and nutrients intact)—but buying one a day is an easy way to blow through a good chunk of your paycheck.

Instead of spending your life savings on store-bought versions, consider investing in a Juicepresso. Unlike bulkier juicers, the Juicepresso is streamlined into one slim, dishwasher-safe unit—no need to individually wash multiple individual pieces or feel like you’re trying to solve a Rubik's Cube when you’re assembling it. The patented cold-press extraction system with an extra-gentle motor squeezes out 40% more juice than other juicers, so you get extra juice out of every apple—meaning you also waste less. (You also reduce your waste footprint by eliminating the plastic bottles in which most store-bought cold-pressed juices are sold.) Plus, the new Platinum version’s wider chute fits bigger pieces, cutting down on chopping time.

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Credit: © Courtesy of Juicepresso

At $549.99 for the Platinum Juicepresso (and $499.99 for the original), you’ve already saved about $3,000. And you can juice to your heart's content: Throw in whatever looks good at the farmer’s market. Experiment with a healthy add-in for your morning wake-up or try this apple-ginger-celery revitalizer after a workout. The options are limitless. Plus, over the course of Juicepresso’s seven-year guarantee, you’ll have saved enough money for a new car.