Credit: © Lawrence Marcus

In our series Nailed It! we work with the amazing Mei Kawajiri to create works of nail art featuring our favorite subjects: eating, drinking and shopping.

If you want to show your love for cocktails in a way that's longer lasting than a weekend T-shirt and less permanent than a tattoo, we have the perfect art form for you: cocktail nails. FWx Style contributor Mei Kawajiri of Nails by Mei translated some of our favorite drinks, the Vesper and the Manhattan, into mini mani recipes. Each finger features a different ingredient so you'll never forget vermouth on your liquor run. And if you are wondering, the answer is yes, that is a bottle of Crystal Head vodka on one of the Vesper fingers. Our model couldn't resist the chance to incorporate a skull.

Check out the full set of cocktail nails below. And for those of you who work better with words than pictures, here are the official recipes for both the Vesper and Manhattan.