By Alex Vallis
Updated January 15, 2015
Art by Tyler Spangler of
© Tyler Spangler

Today we're launching a new section of the site dedicated to the intersection of style, function and foodism—touching on beauty, nutrition, shopping, fitness and design. It's a chance for us to feature the lifestyles of some of our favorite makers, bloggers, entrepreneurs and creators.

Stories may include but are not limited to:

· Oddball affordable ways to fight fatigue and signs of hangover face from gorgeous, driven women like Beautifed's Hannah Bronfman (

· Big, healthy bowl recipes by the model-feeding chefs behind Dimes restaurant in New York City.

· Futuristic prototype news regarding green products, sustainable design and robotic clothing.

· And guides on everything from ways to wear your love of pizza to the most acceptable loose-fitting pants to get you through brunch in public.

As with the FWx Food and Drink verticals that premiered last year, our coverage will evolve based on feedback from you!

Use the hashtag #FWxStyle on Twitter and like our new FWx Facebook page to share your favorite stories and make recommendations for the next incredible breakout talents we should spotlight.

One of our first picks: Graphic artist and Instagram star Tyler Spangler (@tyler_spangler). He creates colorful, sometimes mind-bending and always fun illustrations like the one above.

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