By Clara Olshansky
Updated August 05, 2015
Courtesy of Hidden Fortress

Finally, the perfect bar for the agoraphobic drink connoisseur in your life: Frankfurt’s Seven Swans & The Tiny Cup isn’t kidding when it says “tiny." Located at street level in Frankfurt’s narrowest building, this gorgeously designed bar can only seat 15 people.

The bar was created by Hidden Fortress Design Studio, a Berlin-based studio that specializes in finding creative ways to utilize space, in collaboration with Holmer Schleyerbach, a Darmstadt-based artist cum architect. As Hidden Fortress puts it, “Unconventional and radical solutions are not a necessity, but they often help to create a positive and sustainable experience.” Unconventional and radical is right: Seven Swans & The Tiny Cup’s main floor sits 15 people in 183 square feet and still manages to maintain the feeling of a spacious, open room.

The bar is beautiful, with giant but delicate illustrations of swans etched into brass that adorns the facade. Inside, the bar boasts wooden walls engraved with more impeccable illustrations and every detail, from the eroded brick to the dark wooden surfaces to the empty-bottle light fixtures, is tailored to the bar’s slightly rustic but seamlessly chic aesthetic.

If that wasn’t tiny enough, they have an even smaller second room located in the basement. Hidden Fortress calls it a “storage, presentation, and private room,” though one has to wonder how much more private you can get than 15 people. This room is more intimate than its upstairs counterpart. The cellar trades off the casually social nature of a bar space for a single, central eight-person table.

For more clever, beautiful uses of space, you can check out Hidden Fortress’s site and follow Schleyerbach on Behance.