By Erika Owen
Updated December 17, 2015
© Christoph Niemann

This piece originally appeared on Travel + Leisure.

You can share stories about "that one terrible flight" all you want, but it won't leave as much of an impression as Christoph Neimann's method. The illustrator has a regular column for theNew York Times called "Abstract City" and one of his recent drawings caught our attention—mostly because it walks us through every single feeling (the good and the bad) we've had while cruising thousands of feet above ground.

On a recent trip from New York to Berlin, Neimann encountered a few run-of-the-mill annoyances—fighting over the armrest with his seatmate, attempting to sleep mid-flight, the ever-frustrating constraints of a slightly-reclining seat, and more. Instead of making a mental note or writing it down, he decided to illustrate his entire experience. Check it out below:

Christop Niemann

Christoph Niemann

Christoph Niemann

The illustrations were originally written and drawn for the New York Times column Abstract City.