The tiny-space solution provides a framework for a sink, cooktop, and refrigerator.

By Danica Lo
Updated May 24, 2017

For as long as we can remember, Swedish super-retailer Ikea has been keenly aware of the challenges involved in small-space living. Every August, when its annual catalog lands in mailboxes around the world, the magalog is filled with pages upon pages of solutions-oriented carefully styled spreads featuring homes ranging from a couple of hundred square feet to epic thousands. In the 2017 edition of the Ikea catalog, the company goes above and beyond anything we've seen before in terms of catering to anyone living in a tiny home. Behold: the Sunnersta/Lagan/Lillviken kitchen combo—a $169 portable kitchen space that incorporates a sink, a cooktop, and space for a mini-fridge.

"This is an actual kitchen, with all the basic tools you need," the catalog says. "There's a cooktop for cooking, a mini-fridge for cooling, and a sink for doing the dishes you'd like to forget." Other thoughtful features built into the stainless steel Sunnersta framework include adjustable legs—which means they'll compensate for any irregular floorboards—and a reversible right-left shelf.

"With Sunnersta freestanding mini-kitchen, I wanted to encourage a creative and playful feeling about cooking," says designer Henrik Preutz. "Create an open and welcoming kitchen even if your living space is small, a simple kitchen area in the office or a practical solution when renovating. Use the plastic hooks and containers to keep track of utensils and ingredients—and use the cart as a utility surface when there's a lot going on in the kitchen. Hopefully it will make cooking more fun and easier."

While we're not sure about making cooking easier, Sunnersta definitely opens up a whole world of cooking opportunity for anyone who's looking for an easy solution for a small space—maybe a garage or a deck, even.