Credit: © iStockphoto

IKEA wants you to try their beds, and they’re even willing to serve you breakfast to lure you in.

For three days—from May 18 to May 20—the Swedish furniture store will be hosting the IKEA Breakfast in Bed Café in London’s Shoreditch district. Patrons will have the opportunity to be served a traditional Scandinavian breakfast featuring pastries, juice and coffee while relaxing in either a single or double IKEA bed. Additionally, “sleep specialists” will be on hand to answer any questions you might have such as, “How am I supposed to sleep while you guys are serving me breakfast?” and “Drinking this coffee probably isn’t helping me relax, either, huh?”

Interested parties can try to land a breakfast reservation via email. Spots are available in one-hour increments from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. After that, the beds will still be available until 3 p.m., but only for napping—which is great for people who have been banned from the real IKEA for excessive napping.

Though this wild marketing stunt is obviously generating IKEA some solid publicity, instead of breakfast why not something more realistic, like just plopping down a bottle of red wine so you can have a glass in bed and contemplate how it took you four hours to put together a nightstand that only has six pieces?

[h/t TIME]