By Mike Pomranz
Updated February 13, 2015

What’s more fun that putting together your recently purchased IKEA furniture? If you said "everything,” you’re actually wrong. We’ve found something even less fun: virtually putting together fake IKEA furniture in video game form.

The game “Home Improvisation,” designed by Stork Burnt Down Games, doesn’t specifically name check the Swedish furniture giant. But the hints are so subtle they could knock you unconscious.

First of all, in a video teaser for the game, the first item for assembly looks identical to the nearly ubiquitous IKEA “LACK” table with its square top and four screw-in legs. Oh, and you’re also instructed, “If you ever don’t know what to do next, just try to think like a Scandinavian industrial designer.”

The multiplayer game is available both online and for download. Though the controls are (probably somewhat purposefully) frustrating, I was able to put together my virtual table in no time. Then a lamp arrived, and I figured it was time to leave my virtual apartment and go get a drink. Anyone know of any good sitting-at-a-bar simulators?