At least you can talk to it though.

By Noah Kaufman
Updated August 04, 2017
Courtesy of SMALT

“Alexa, dispense salt!” That phrase, which to this point has occurred sparingly in the English language, could become more common than anyone imagined. That’s because as of today you can put money down to buy a smart, Bluetooth enabled, app controlled salt dispenser. We first reported on the SMALT, as it's called, back in May when there was little more than a website and a product shot to go on, but now the company has launched its Indiegogo campaign and the SMALT is available for preorder.

Besides the salt element of the SMALT, we previously knew it would also come with a Bluetooth speaker and LED mood lighting, but the campaign offers more information. Besides the aforementioned Amazon Echo compatibility, we now know how the app will work—you can pinch or shake your phone to make SMALT dispense precisely measured salt. We also know how much it will cost—it will retail for $199, but early bird pricing is $99 (and if you’re the big box store type you can also buy 10 SMALTs for the discounted price of $1190 so no table in your house is without the ability to smartly dispense salt).

But the Q&A section of the campaign page gets at all the questions you might have been too embarrassed to ask.

First, NO YOU CAN’T USE PEPPER. What do you think this is? A SMEPPER dispenser? According to its designers “SMALT is only designed to measure, track, and control salt.” And don’t even think about trying to use your fancy sea salt in it. “ SMALT is designed to be used with common table salt.” And finally, remember, this is a salt dispenser, so no, you cannot grind salt with the SMALT. But if measuring salt is too cumbersome a task or you believe that a major shortcoming of your box of Morton’s is that it does play Salt-N-Pepa while you’re using it, you can join the 54 people who have ordered SMALTs so far.

The SMALT Indiegogo campaign will last through the month of August.