By Noah Kaufman
Updated November 25, 2014

Kids today—they need everything to be a video game. They use games to play sports, to learn math and now to appreciate food. A new finalist for the Electrolux Design Competition game-ifies the concept of sourcing food to give its users a better idea of where food comes from. Designed by Pan Wang, it's called Future Hunter-Gatherer. The game portion is an augmented reality—a machine projects holograms of different ingredients all over the walls. Kids chase schools of virtual salmon and packs of chickens around the house, “hunting” for their holographic dinner. In Wang’s vision, that virtual dinner is turned into the real thing when, after a successful hunt, the game signals a local market to deliver whatever the tiny hunters caught right to the door. This was presented as part of a design competition, so while the game exists, the delivery aspect is still a hypothetical. But if Wang finds willing partners in local grocery stores this would be a much more fun way to get dinner delivered than tapping out a Seamless order.

For Wang, it’s less about fun than it is about education. Inspired by the hunter-gatherer period in history, she wanted to create a modern situation “where people had a closer connection to what they ate.” Maybe not as close a connection as actually going fishing, but it's a start.