Wondering what to do with all those empty plastic water bottles? Wonder no more as home-hack Youtuber Dave Hax (of the easiest way to cut grape and cherry tomatoes) has come up with a way to fashion a surprisingly functional spoon out a water or soda bottle. All you need is a knife, a lighter, and maybe some scissors.

Just cut a small section out of the bottle, cut or burn off any jagged edges and do a little origami and you’re ready to eat soup.

To anyone out there who is saying, “Why would I have a knife but no access to a spoon?” let us paint you a picture: Your airplane has crash landed somewhere over the South Pacific, you are the sole survivor and all the plane’s cargo was lost to the angry sea. As you grasp around desperately for whatever tools you can find you discover that all that’s around is a jagged piece of your tray table, which you neglected to put in the full upright position and an empty Aquafina bottle. Fortunately that’s just what you need for your homemade cutlery.

OK, even if that seems unlikely to you, this is still a pretty cool way to reuse a plastic bottle.