By Julia Millay Walsh
Updated January 21, 2015
Credit: © Danielle Moss for The Everygirl

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A lack of space at home certainly doesn't mean you have to put your desire to host a stylish and fabulous event on hold. If you’re eager to entertain your friends and family but worry your space is just too small, then read on for six tips on how to host a chic soirée in even the coziest of spaces.

1. Reimagine a Dinner Table

PHOTO: via One Kings Lane, designed by Whitney Leigh Morris

You can still host a sit-down dinner even if your small home doesn’t boast a dining table let alone a dining room. Drape a stylish tablecloth over your coffee table or a desk and have your guests gather round either perched on floor cushions or, if you’re using a desk, on regular chairs.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match

A lack of matching dining chairs should never be a problem when hosting a sit-down event. A combination of folding chairs, long benches, accents chairs and lounge seating works just as well. Just be sure the seat height is relatively consistent so one person doesn’t feel significantly lower or higher than the rest of the group—awkward.

3. Serve Buffet Style

Whether inviting friends over for a chic cocktail party or looking to host a full dinner, consider serving snacks, drinks, and a meal buffet style. This way, you won’t crowd your small dining table with additional serving pieces.

4. Utilize Every Available Surface

PHOTO: via Lonny, designed by Wendy Schwartz

To prevent crowding and allow easy access to your serving areas, utilize every table, console, and chest you have. When entertaining, a console can become a buffet, a folding table an eating surface, and a bookshelf a bar. Just try to space out where you set up these distinct areas, so your guests don’t end up crowded in the same corner. Having different areas will also encourage movement and flow, and prevent a bottleneck.

5. Get Creative With Additional Seating

If using a coffee or other low table as a dining surface, look to throw pillows, ottomans, and overstuffed poufs as seating options for a casual, wanderlust feel. Without proper chairs, you’ll be able to fit more people around a table, and it won’t feel too tight.

6. Simplify Your Table Setting

In a small setting, too much extra tabletop styling can make a space feel cramped, so simplify your tabletop and serving surface décor. Try using plain glassware as vases for fresh flowers, and elegant candlesticks to cast a flattering glow.