By Farrah Shaikh
Updated April 29, 2015
Credit: © Dane Peterson

Named the "queen of nose-riding” by theNew York Times, Kassia Meador didn't start surfing until she was 15. Within two years, she earned a sponsorship from Roxy and began traveling the world. Eighteen years later, she remains one of the top international competitors but now spends much of her time exploring other facets of surf culture. She runs her own clothing company, has her photography on display in multiple shows and magazines and is working with Jose Cuervo Tradicional Silver on their FunDay AnyDay campaign and creating surfer-specific cocktails.

The Renaissance woman gave us insight into what keeps her healthy, happy and at the top of her game.

What is always in your fridge? Milk, eggs and Crystal Louisiana hot sauce.

What are some of your favorite East Coast/West Coast restaurants?

In LA I love Gjelina, Gjusta, Ado and Moon Juice. And in New York it’s Marlow & Sons, Freemans, Omen and Cafe Gitane.

Any go-to snacks? Almond butter on toast with banana, chia seeds and honey.

Absolute favorite comfort food? An In-N-Out chocolate shake and burger, animal style.

How do you recover and look fresh after a big night out? I make my own juices and smoothies. My favorite ispineapple, cucumber, turmeric, lemon and apple. I take vitamin B and drink alkaline water. Oh, I jump in the ocean, too. The salt water is so good for your skin and hair, and I always feel refreshed.

Any beauty rituals? I just love to soak it out in a mineral water hot spring and sauna, where I sit in a cold pool in between the heat. I feel like that is the best release of stress and tension to keep your body relaxed and in shape for anything.

What are your go-to beauty savers? Every now and again when I'm in a crunch I like to get one of those cooling face masks from the drugstore, the $2 kind. You can sit and meditate for 20 minutes with one of those on your face and feel like a new person when it's over. Also, EIR NYC has a face block with 50 SPF that protects my skin.

What foods do you think work well as beauty tools? Turmeric is great for inflammation for sore muscles and arthritis. Cucumber is cooling and rehydrating. Also, I can't live without Green Vibrance (a nutrient supplement); I even keep some of the mini packs in my purse and mix it into juices on the go.

Any fashion icons/influences? Patti Smith's simplicity, which is what I like to think my style is:simple and cozy. I love overalls, comfortable T-shirts and sweatpants.

What is the one accessory you can't let go of? My camera.

Any style disasters in the past? I have had a couple hairs don'ts. Like when I was 16 or 17 in Costa Rica with a bunch of friends, and they talked me into letting them give me a hair cut. The next thing I knew, I had a mohawk.

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