In addition to the usual oils, vinegars and spices, these are the ten staples that Julia Turshen keeps on hand to whip up healthful meals in a flash.

By Julia Turshen
Updated May 24, 2017
© John Kernick

1. Almond butter

Spread on fruit for the fastest snack, or whisk with equal parts tahini and hot water to drizzle over roasted squash.

2. Almond flour

Use as an alternative to flour to coat chicken or fish fillets.

Try: Chocolate, Cinnamon and Almond Loaf Cake

© John Kernick

3. Canned fish

Mash with mayonnaise and capers to make a quick pâté that’s great on sliced cucumbers.

4. Cherry pepper spread

Serve with brothy soups or whisk together with yogurt and serve with fried eggs.

5. Dijon mustard

Whisk into vinaigrettes and use to season chicken breasts, pork tenderloins or fish steaks.

Try: Skillet Pork Tenderloin with Mustard and Smoked Paprika

© John Kernick

6. Fish sauce

Drizzle on browned ground turkey to make Asian-inflected lettuce wraps. Use in dressings and stir-fries.

Try: Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Peanuts and Fish Sauce

Julia Turshen dresses up simple roasted brussels spouts with a combination of olive oil, fish sauce and vinegar. It gives the sprouts great punchy flavor, while chopped peanuts on top add crunch.
© John Kernick

7. Kimchi

Add to scrambled eggs or tacos. The brine makes a great cucumber salad dressing.

8. Preserved lemons

Use whole in the cavity of a chicken before roasting. Chop and mix with herbs and olive oil as a relish for grilled meats. Puree with yogurt for a vegetable dip.

9. San Marzano tomatoes

Make quick tomato sauce with garlic and olive oil. Use to poach eggs or meatballs.

10. Tahini

Whisk with lemon juice and hot water to make a rich dressing that’s wonderful on everything, especially roasted vegetables.