Credit: © Hampton Dunlap

Los Angeles-based fitness star, Amy Jordan, is known for her high-energy pilates classes at her WundaBar studios, beloved by celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale and Colin Farrell.  Her technique involves her own creation, a sort-of Swiss Army knife of pilates machines. "One studio with reformers wasn't achieving exactly what I wanted to share, so I literally sketched our patented WundaFormer on an airplane," says Jordan, whose machine combines several types of pilates equipment including a reformer, jump board, ballet bar and a chair. Now east coasters can experience the dynamic, high-energy classes at the brand-new studio in SoHo—the first in NYC—which opened on January 2.  Here, we caught up with Amy on her go-to places to dine out in L.A. and her favorite workout gear.

What is a typical food day?

Every day starts with a shake made with greens, whole fruits, vegan protein and homemade almond milk. Lunch is often at home with my two year old Ella. Usually we share tuna salad made with vegan mayo, or lentil dahl and basmati rice. Dinner is early with the whole family (her 4 year old son and husband). We often all eat vegan meals but the kids don't even realize that there's anything being skipped or avoided. And a sweet bite, there always has to be a sweet bite.

Where do you like to dine out in L.A.?

I'm a huge sushi fan. My favorite spot is Iroha in Studio City where I order hirapeno, a light halibut sashimi in lemon sauce with jalapeños and cilantro. If I'm feeling decadent, their crispy rice cake with spicy salmon is killer. In the West Hollywood, we go to A.O.C where I swear every salad I've had there is medal-worthy. They roast vegetables like nobody's business.

What's always in your fridge?

Champagne. Always Champagne. And this basmati rice my mother-in-law makes…'s amazing.

What is the food you can't resist?

Some foods I do like that aren't exactly good for a gal who avoids gluten and is pesca vegan are graham crackers (have I mentioned the toddlers!?!), homemade chocolate chip cookies (vegan & gluten-free) and sourdough bread with Earth Balance vegan "butter".

What is your cocktail/drink of choice?

Champagne. Veuve Clicquot to be exact.

Where to you escape to for relaxation.

The ocean. The salt water and sand calm me instantly. I love to linger over small bites and a light cocktail on the shoreline during warm afternoons.

Any beauty splurges?

I get my hair blown out twice a week - it is a luxury and a necessity so that I don't spend much time getting myself ready in the mornings.

Any budget beauty buys?

I have a curious habit of buying drugstore mascaras almost every time I'm at Target. I've never found any high-end mascara that I like better so I buy the go-to classics like the pink mascara tube with the green top.

How would you describe your style?

I love unique but polished looks, sort of Caroline Bisset Kennedy with a mix of Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow. Very clean, very classic. But, I am not someone who wears expensive designers. I have toddlers, enough said.  When I want to kick back and relax I do wear a good amount of Free People sundresses.  At the moment AG, Hudson or True Religion jeans are my favorites.

Favorite Athletic Wear?

As a ToeSox Influencer and Lululemon Alumni Ambassador, I am sincerely and truly a big fan of their lines. They are functional, fun and fit like no other. My latest obsession is Koral Activewear. They are edgy with amazing fabrics (including soft metallics) and wicked cut outs.

Shoutout to any other inspiring ladies?

My guru, MJ Blom, is not only a Pilates master but always has a wise and kind word to share.

My friend Sophia Amoruso (founder of Nasty Gal and author of #GIRLBOSS) is a style icon and inspiring female entrepreneur. Her #Girlboss foundation's grant program helps women in the worlds of design, fashion, music and the arts launch their careers. I admire anyone who pays it forward with their work and kindness.

Ready to try a class? readers are invited to sign up for a free class at with the code WUNDAWINE.