By PureWow
Updated October 06, 2015
Credit: Courtesy of PureWow

This piece originally appeared on PureWow.

There’s nothing worse than an obnoxious tourist to sour an otherwise lovely day in the historic town square. To avoid being one of those unwelcome folks, follow these simple guidelines.

Use Your Indoor Voice

You know those frequent complaints from foreigners about American tourists? Our semi-screaming regular voices are part of the problem. It’s all about volume control, people. You’re at a 15th-century monastery, not a Mets game.

Leave the Selfie Stick At Home

For three reasons: 1.) If you ask nicely, a kind stranger will almost certainly take your photo. 2.) It’s unsightly. You’re in Rovinj, Croatia, for God’s sake. 3.) It’s a legitimate danger.

Same Goes For Your iPad

Bigger screen does not equal better photo. Plus, by leaving the tablet at home, you can probably get away with traveling hands-free. Fanny packs, people.

Don't Comment On How Cheap Everything Is

No matter how affordable everything seems to you, it’s insulting and insensitive to the natives, who still work hard to make a living.

Or How Expensive

You’re in Tokyo. Get over it.

Dress Appropriately

We’re not saying you should go out and buy lederhosen for your trip to Düsseldorf, but be respectful of other countries’ rules of decorum. Maybe the ancient Nepali temple isn’t the best place to don your crop top and cutoffs.

Don't Put Locks on Bridges

Seriously. No matter how romantic it seems, essentially destroying what was formerly a structurally-sound method of transportation will not have a happy ending.

In General, Be Aware of Your Surroundings


And behave accordingly. Don’t clog a busy sidewalk for 20 minutes, don’t complain about how few people speak English or gripe about the coffees being too small. To quote our least favorite elementary school teacher: Just treat others the way you want to be treated.