By Clara Olshansky
Updated February 19, 2016
Credit: Courtesy of Rude Kitchen

Who needs another cute cat in their latte? With stencil designs ranging from penises to middle fingers, Rude Kitchen gives us the power to make cappuccinos no poet worth his ennui would be seen drinking at some café in 1920s Paris. Delightfully crass and delightfully British, the coffee stencils let you embrace how horrible a person you are right when you wake up. Besides, who wouldn't want their coffee to call them a twat or a wanker?

Just hold the stencil by the tab over your mug and sprinkle cinnamon, chocolate powder, or whatever you may be drinking over the top. For bonus points, take the stencils to your neighborhood's cutest coffee shop, order a cappuccino, stir away the heart the barista made you, and sprinkle on a pair of boobs.

Of course, the ostentatiously offensive fun doesn't have to stop at your cup of coffee. Rude Kitchen also has options for penis-tastic cupcakes to serve your grandmother and swear word-emblazoned pastries to serve at your next book club meeting.

Rude Kitchen came about when the founder wanted to prank her brother, a mischievous guy who makes a mean latte drink, by serving him a "TWAT" cappuccino at Christmas dinner. Upon discovering that she couldn't find a stencil anywhere on the web, she realized she'd have to make her own. Now you can purchase this set of six for £5.10 (about $7.30) online, so you too can start livening up family dinners.