An easy technique lets you prep your roast chicken ahead of time and finish it at the last minute. Level of screw-up-able-ness: very low!

By Chelsea Morse
Updated November 01, 2018
Butter-Roasted Chicken with Soy-Garlic Glaze

Have no fear, dinner party thrower. We know it can be overwhelming to coordinate all the pieces of the puzzle, and we’re here to help. This week, chef Matthew MacCartney of Jamestown Fish in Jamestown, Rhode Island, shares how to make the simplest dinner party entrée—the classic roast chicken—even simpler.

My tip is to roast the chicken early and remove it from the oven just slightly underdone. Let it cool, and cut it into parts. As the chef, while removing the legs, you are allowed to eat the “oysters,” the best part of the chicken that “sot l’y laisse”—“only a fool would leave behind.”

Put the chicken parts into a roasting pan and cover until you are ready. Perhaps make a little jus with the carcass while you drink some Riesling and listen to music. You and your guests now control the time dinner is served—not the bird.

When it’s time to serve, place the roasting pan under the broiler for just a short time, crisping the skin and finishing cooking the succulent bird. Level of screw-up-able-ness: very low!