By Rachel Moore
Updated September 02, 2015

Welcome to marriage in the Instagram age, when your wedding hashtag is at least as important as your flower choice. For those still living in the ’90s, there are myriad benefits to hashtagging your wedding. For couples seeking instant gratification, a hashtag provides an easy-to-browse photo album immediately (just pop the hashtag into an Instagram search and your work is done). Also, friends can capture details and debauchery your photographer doesn’t. And it’s easy to turn those online photos into physical ones. Companies like Social Print Studio, Blurb, Chatbooks and PastBook are designed to make it easy to collect all the tagged photos into a gorgeous book.

Although there are plenty of online hashtag generators like Wedding Wire and Wedding Hashtag Wall, the best hashtags are more personal and creative than the generators can create.

Here are some tips for creating your own custom hashtag, along with a few examples:

1. Everyone loves alliteration:


2. Use typical wedding words with your last name:


3. Make use of your new name:


4. Consider where you met:


5. Try being punny:


6. Rhyming is always easy to remember:


7. Summon your inner Brangelina and merge names:

#TeamChillWedding (Chad and Jill)
#Shimmermans (Shulman and Zimmerman)

A few more tips: To ensure your guests can easily read your hashtag, capitalize the first letter in each word. Although the hashtag will work with or without capitalization, it's easier to read "PartyWithThePogos" than "partywiththepogos." And once you’ve come up with a clever idea, test your hashtag to make sure it doesn't already exist. You don't want to be sharing a hashtag with another random couple or bat mitzvah. Finally, make sure everyone knows what the hashtag is or they’ll never use it. Here are a few suggestions for that:

  • Include it on your wedding website and weekend itinerary so guests know what it is and are spelling it correctly.
  • Incorporate your hashtag onto the programs if you want friends and family to tag pictures from your ceremony.
  • Place signage near the guestbook and on the bars.
  • Create temporary tattoos with your hashtag. Not only will your guests remember to tag their pictures, but your hashtag will physically tag your guests!
  • Create custom cocktail napkins and drink stirrers using your hashtag. This will remind partygoers to tag their pictures!
  • Leave a lasting impression by attaching custom hashtag labels to sparklers or bubbles used during your exit.
  • Instead of a photo booth, create a "selfie station" and add your hashtag to the backdrop.