By PureWow
Updated March 24, 2015
Credit: © The Everygirl / Courtesy of PureWow

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Springtime is almost here. And that, friends, means flowers will soon be in bloom. In the meantime, we'd love to order a celebratory arrangement from the florist, but, realistically, we'll be scooping up affordable options at the grocery store. Luckily, all it takes is a little thought, care and time to make those budget blossoms look like a million bucks. Read on for eight stunning styling tricks.

1. Keep It Simple

When it comes to the color palette, simple is best. Either go monochromatic (i.e., all pinks) or incorporate just one to two additional colorways for subtle pops of color.

2. Get Your Fill(er)

"Don't forget your greens" applies to flower bouquets, too. Use inexpensive greenery to create a base, fill out the arrangement and add visual interest. (Household herbs or even sprigs from your own garden can work wonders in a pinch.)


3. Double Up

The absolute easiest way to elevate your arrangement? Volumize, of course. Simply bunching together two bargain bouquets makes the overall aesthetic so much more robust and luxurious looking.


4. Or Go Mini

The alternative to pumping up the volume is to go mini. Tiny arrangements consisting of 1 to 3 blooms are a super-chic way to maximize the reach of your bouquet. Just be sure to throw in some green filler bits to punch things up.


5. Contain Wisely

It goes without saying that vessel choice makes a huge impact on the overall look. Case in point: When placed in a statement vase, even ultra-cheap mums look decidedly high-end.

6. Strip Stems Clean

Strip stems of their leaves and remove dry or damaged outer petals for a lively, professionally groomed look. Plus, water will look much cleaner without decomposing leaves (and they won't be guzzling the H2O your pretty blossoms so desperately need).

​Photo: CUP OF JO

7. Trim For Variety

Play around with height and proportion when trimming your stems. Taking into account the height of your vase and nature of your blooms, carefully trim stem ends individually at a 45-degree angle to your preferred length to achieve a layered look.


8. Fluff it Up

Once your arrangement is entirely in place, gently fluff flowers, and push, pull and adjust stems until you've got things just to your liking.