By Sery Kim
Updated July 14, 2015
© HydroHammock

Remember the simple pleasure of swinging in a hammock underneath a canopy of trees? Your mind drifting into the blissful emptiness of being rocked like a baby. Or maybe that time you were hanging out with friends and everyone decided to jump in a hot tub, cocktail in one hand and champagne in the other. Life was beautiful.

Nothing embodies summer better than a nap in a hammock under a shady canopy of trees. And nothing embodies the world of Kickstarter projects better than turning that hammock into a portable hot tub.

Oregon resident Benjamin Frederick seized on the world’s mutual loves of relaxing while suspended between two trees and pruning up in a hot tube and created the ultimate recreational toy, the Hydro Hammock.

The Hydro Hammock is made from watertight and extremely resilient synthetic fabric designed to hold the weight of 50 gallons of water plus two adults. So you’ll need to find a pair of extremely large and strong trees to string it up between, or someplace with a set of anchors that can hold all that weight.

Add water with a simple garden hose and the Hydro Hammock’s water heater systems will heat and recirculate the water for the full Jacuzzi experience.

Available in both single and double occupant versions, Hydro Hammock has already pulled in over $42,000 in funding. For those looking to get into the world of luxury hammocks, you can pick up a Hydro Hammock and water heating system for $1180.