© Jerome Fineman
Andy Warhol Dessert PinataHow to describe an amazing event like Brooklyn Ball at the Brooklyn Museum? Let’s start where the very well-dressed guests like event co-chair Zac Posen did, on the fifth floor, where food artist extraordinaire Jennifer Rubell created a series of exhibits that paid homage to some of her favorite 20th-century artists.

* There were the awe-inspiring hanging-in-the-air cheese heads (inspired by Bruce Nauman’s Hanging Heads #2), which were slowly melting onto a huge table full of crackers below.


© kate krader
Donnie Madia Paints Potato Chips at Brooklyn Ball.* There was the table with unmarked white paint tubes that were actually filled with flavored sauces, like orange-chipotle mayonnaise and purple jelly cream cheese, and an adjoining table piled high with potato chips and the opportunity to do your best Jackson Pollock impression (as Donnie Madia, co-owner of Chicago’s Blackbird restaurant, did).

* Down a few floors, dinner was served in a giant hall, where guests served themselves from tables that had everything from whole roast turkeys to whole roast potatoes to whole roast rabbits (special thanks to co-chair Mario Batali, who carved some 50 of them in 15 minutes).

* And like all good parties, there was the after-party, where you could take a whack at the humongous Andy Warhol–head piñata (filled with Hostess Twinkies and Sno Balls) and take advantage of the fun carnival stalls produced by fashion houses like 3.1 Phillip Lim, Opening Ceremony and Rodarte.

Eater has a lot more pictures and a video of various Batalis bashing the piñata.