By Clara Olshansky
Updated August 07, 2017
hedgehogs eating human food
Credit: Grape_vein / Getty Images

You know what's cute? Hedgehogs. You know what's even cuter? Hedgehogs doing people things. So, when you see a hedgehog eating, or even just hanging out with people food, it's pretty magical. Don't believe us? Check out the heartwarming hedgehogs in these photos and videos.

This Hedgehog in a Coffee Cup

Somebody tell this poor guy he's not a drink! Warning: attempting to drink hedgehogs may result in many pricks inside your mouth.

This Hedgehog Eating a Tomato

What makes this video especially cute is that the tomato that Charlie the hedgehog is trying to eat is practically as big as Charlie himself.

This Hedgehog Who Can't Eat That Donut

In this picture, we like to think that Hérisson the hedgehog is staring disappointedly at the spoils before him, which remind him of delicious food but aren't actually being edible.

This Hedgehog Who Really Likes Bread

Speaking of things you can't eat, this hedgehog is doing his exercises on a piece of fake bread that brings this guy as much delight as any real, edible piece of bread would.

This Hedgehog Eating Noodles

Aw, look at that smile. This happy hedgehog is about to have a multi-course meal of (toy) noodles. We really want to see what happens when he tries to use those chopsticks.

This Hedgehog Cracking Open a Cold One With the Boys

Looks like Sky the hedgehog has had a long day, and is ready to kick back and relax with some good beer.

This Hedgehog Who's Neither Chunky Nor a Monkey

This pint of Ben & Jerry's hedgehog is woefully mislabeled. But we forgive it, because it's adorable.

This Hedgehog Cone, with Quills for Sprinkles

This hedgehog has found what looks like a more comfortable way to be ice cream-ified, swaddled up in a ball and sitting on top of an ice cream cone. It doesn't get much cuter than this.