There he is with a good Chianti, we assume.
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There have been many great food-related pranks this April Fools' Day—see this soon-to-be Michelin-starred restaurant for dogs—but Hulu brought us one with some real flash: the trailer for its new series, In the Kitchen with Hannibal, starring that renowned chef and noted person-eater, Hannibal Lecter.

But if you watch Hannibal, you’ll know that a related cooking show isn’t an outrageous idea. The protagonist is a cannibal who cares deeply about how his carefully-sourced human meat is prepared. (If you haven't seen the show, you'll probably recall a telling line from The Silence of the Lambs.) In fact, show creator Bryan Fuller modeled Hannibal's enthusiasm for food after that of star chef José Andrés, who is a consultant on the show and creates its dishes. Here, some of Andrés's best recipes that use more conventional proteins.

Braised nice and slow. Just the way Hannibal likes to take most things.

Makes enough to serve a crowd of potential victims.

If a serial killer was going to lure you in with an hors d’oeuvre, this would be it.

Great with duck, but if you were looking to sneak some brains into a dish, a confit would be a good way to do it.

Go ahead, make it with fava beans. We dare you.