By FWx Editors
Updated March 18, 2016

Hey, is your Instagram feed facing a dearth of cute animal photos? Good news, you’ve got a new account to follow. Ludwik is a skinny pig, a type of (mostly) hairless guinea pig bred back in the 1970s. He poses with many things—flamingos, pearls, toboggans—normal guinea pig stuff. But his favorite props by far are edible.

Ludwik seems to make pretty healthy choices—mostly a raw diet. But he does occasionally dabble in candy and flashes a bit of opulence by showing a love Moet & Chandon.

If you want to keep up Ludwik’s eating and modeling adventures you can follow him at…You know what, even if you don’t want to keep up with those things you should probably follow him anyway. It’s hard to ever have a bad day when a hairless guinea pig eating a cupcake appears on your phone.