By Noah Kaufman
Updated April 30, 2015
© Jamie Simpson

Wynn Bauer and Nate Mell have set the tables for a number of outstanding young chefs like Eli Kulp, Matt Lambert and former Top Chef winner Nicholas Elmi, but the two Philadelphia ceramists behind the Felt + Fat studio don’t just want you to eat off their work at restaurants. They want you to bring it home. With 20 days left to go, their Kickstarter is already nearly funded. If they raise the $20,000 they are looking for, the pair will be able to expand beyond their restaurant projects by growing their studio and bringing in new artisans to work with them.

Bauer and Mell’s plates, bowls and cups have the sort of rustic, homey feel often hard to find in a world full of Target and Ikea homogeneity. You can have a look at some of their work below, and if you’re like us you’ll want to serve dinner on it soon. You can contribute to their campaign and pick up your own Felt + Fat pieces here.