By Farrah Shaikh
Updated May 06, 2015
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Don't know what to wear? Google it. Seriously. Google has released a report of the fashion trends to expect this coming season based on queries typed into its search bar. The Google Fashion Trends Report 2015 tries to bring "forth the power of Big Data into the hands of designers, planners, marketers, trendsetters and taste-makers." And it will tell you that those skinny jeans you have been rocking for two years are out.

The report pulled 6 billion queries related to apparel and fashion between January 2012 and February 2015 on how to wear certain types of clothes, what outfits to build and general searches for advice on sporting fashion trends. Google then grouped them to determine what is in based on the steady growth of queries, what is just going to last through next season based on sudden spikes in growth and what you need to throw out immediately based on a drastic decline in searches. Here is what we learned:


1. Tulle Skirt

Embrace your inner ballerina with these fun, flirty skirts.

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2. Jogger Pants

Not just for women; men, boys and girls have all been searching for jogger pants. We compiled a full list in January, and trust us, they are worth it. Comfy and cozy, you can wear them to brunch after a big night out.

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3. Midi Skirts

Super classy and endlessly beautiful, here is the guide to what midi skirt to buy.

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4. Palazzo Pants

It's all about comfort this season. These airy, wide-legged pants are easy to wear and have a lot of give…when you decide to dive into another slice of pie.

What's out:

Skinny Jeans

We know, you finally got them to fit like a glove. Don't worry, they will come back.

String Bikinis

Not much there, so they won't be missed.

Peplum Dresses

What was the best way to cover up a food baby is now on its way out.

Check out the full trend report here.