By Mike Pomranz
Updated December 09, 2014
Credit: © Stanley Sievers

Serious question: Would you wear a Kentucky Fried Chicken bone as a piece of jewelry? What if it was plated in 14-karat gold? Now what if you had to pay bare minimum—$130—for it?

A company called Kentucky for Kentucky is selling exactly that: gold-plated jewelry made out of bones from actual pieces of Kentucky Fried Chicken. They first introduced these real fried chicken bone necklaces in June, and apparently the product was so successful they’re bringing them back.

This time around, Kentucky for Kentucky is also whipping up sets of chicken-bone earrings, all made from real wing bones from KFC. A small, 14-karat, gold-plated bone necklace is going for $130. A large one is $160. A pair of earrings are $200.

According to the jeweler, Meg C of Meg C Jewelry, these pieces aren’t as easy to make as it would seem. “After they are painting with varnish and graphite-conductive paint, they have to be copper electroformed, which takes about three to four hours per bone. Once they are completely covered in copper, they can be gold electroplated,” she explained.

The jewelry goes on sale tomorrow (Dec. 10) at 10 a.m. Only 40 were made in total (25 necklaces and 15 pairs of earrings), so this jewelry might be surprisingly hard to come by.