By Meredith Lepore
Updated September 16, 2015

In the third installment of Kate Spade’s #MissAdventure series with the always charming Anna Kendrick, we get some very cool cameos: one from a Kate Spade gnome purse (gnome purses may become the little black bags of the fall) and the other from legendary feminist Gloria Steinem. Though the ad is similar to others, painting a picture of a Wes Anderson–like, magical New York (they filmed at the Russian Tea Room), this one has a bigger message than most fashion ads. It echoes some of Steinem’s earlier thoughts on dining alone, which used to be quite a problem for her.

"When I started out, you couldn’t go into a certain number of hotels alone if you were a female. You couldn’t be seated alone. There was something scandalous about it," Steinem said in an earlier interview for Kate Spade. "Finally if you were seated alone it was by the kitchen. So it’s actually a civil right to dine alone." If only all civil rights included a dog, a gnome purse and those fabulous ear muffs.