By Clara Olshansky
Updated July 14, 2015
© David Malosh

Finally, beautiful people that won’t shame you for your love of doughnuts. Instagram account Girls with Gluten is a collection of 400+ beautiful women who appreciate gluten-y, carb-y foods as much as you do. Designed as a reaction to the pressure the media puts on women to deprive ourselves of amazing food, Girls with Gluten is a celebration of the doughy, sugary things in life.

No word yet on who created the Girls with Gluten account, but it's affiliated with Dirty Lemon Detox, another mysterious Instagram account that's not divulging much to the public. It describes itself as an "activated charcoal-infused detox beverage featuring raw, cold-pressed lemon juice." But don't take the health rhetoric at face value. After all, the Instagram account features such manifestos as "Say yes to muffin tops" and "Say yes to pancakes," and all their photos are tagged with #yestomore.

So celebrate summer by eating what you want and staying healthy your way. Remember, any body's a bikini body if you put it in a bikini.