Drinkers of the juniper spirit said they spent twice as much on Amazon while inebriated than whiskey drinkers
Credit: Atomic Imagery/Getty Images

Full disclosure: I like to have a drink before shopping. If you tend to be indecisive or if making financial decisions raises your anxiety levels (two things that happen to me), a little alcohol can definitely take the edge off. But according to a couple recent surveys, not only is buzzed shopping more common than you might think, but your tipple of choice may also correlate to just how big of a spender you become when under the influence.

Earlier this year, a survey from the personal finance website Finder.com found that nearly half of the 2,000 Americans they polled had made a purchase after drinking, with the average person spending about $447.57 while drunk. And more recently, a new survey from the rehab company Archstone Recovery Center reached out to 1,094 people who had admitted to buying something of Amazon after drinking to see if they could further dissect how people spent money online while inebriated.

Archstone’s most interesting finding: Gin drinkers appeared to spend significantly more on Amazon while tipsy than those who drank other common types of alcohol. The survey found that, on average, gin drinkers shelled out over $82 per drunken Amazon spend, far more than the second-highest booze on the list, rum, which led to an average spend of nearly $54. Believe it or not, whiskey correlated to the lowest spending average on the list, just $38.84 per buzzed Amazon buy. Though maybe it’s because whisky drinkers are out partaking in other crazy behavior instead of sitting down to online shop?

Adding to the juniper liquor’s troubles, drinking gin was also associated with the biggest splurges in Amazon shopping. Though Archstone’s specific methodology for determining the “average highest spend” wasn’t entirely clear, the site said that gin led to the largest one-time purchases, $235.10 on average, when this stat was broken down by type of alcohol.

As for why gin seemed to be behind a desire to spend more on Amazon, Archstone admits the answer isn’t clear. “While gin has a long and storied history of being linked with extreme emotions and wild behavior, there’s no evidence that getting ‘gin drunk’ is any different from any other type of intoxication,” the rehab center writes. “However, the mind is a powerful thing, and sometimes expectations guide reality—so if you think gin makes you shop ’til your laptop dies, it just might.” Meanwhile, if you want to take that a run with it, whiskey was behind to the lowest spending, so maybe drinking lots of whiskey can save you money?!