Love food and also super-into cute stuff? Here are the cutest of the cute food-related gifts we found on the internet today.

By Danica Lo
Updated May 24, 2017
Getty Images

Looking for the perfect new grad gift or mother's day present—and does your giftee absolutey looooove food? We trawled the internet and found these super-cute food-related presents for your friends and loved ones.

Like, say, this excellent large pineapple neon lamp


A turquoise blue bread bin

($42) would make a charming addition to any kitchen—but can also be used for storage (think: makeup) for anyone who doesn't need this much space for bread.

We can't imagine anyone getting mad about receiving these sweet pastel cooking utentils


For popsicle-lovers (ALL OF US HELLO) these pink ice pop molds

($19) can't be beat.

Carbs are your friend: here's proof in this super-kawaii bread pillow stuffie


($40) also gives us the warm and fuzzies.

OK OK this is a gym bag

($28), but it also mentions pizza, so we like that.

PIzza bag

Cardinal rule: anything masquerading as sushi rolls is cute. Like this sushi pushpin thingie


Also irresistible: measuring cups masquerading as cats (or are they cats masquerading as measuring cups?). These ceramic cat measuring cups and baking bowls

are $35 for the set.

Not into cats and prefer, uh, pigs? We got that too.

($10) if you're into super-cute fluffy animal friends in your beverages.

Or how about a "pastasaurus" (it's real, we swear) pasta spoon? This pasta server

looks like a roar-ing good time for $10.

Getting a gift for someone who's really into steaming their veggies? Steam with a sense of humor with this piggy steamer


Looking for a crafty way to get kids to eat their eggs in the morning? How about this adorable knighted, uh, egg holder


Growing up in the 80s and 90s, they'd have these commercials on TV all the time trying to get you to buy fact cards about the duck-billed platypus for your kids. That's the only reason I even know what these cute little animals are—and now you can get platypus tea infusers

($12). What a time to be alive.

Obviously these pair of panda mugs

($24) is necessary.

We've been thinking about getting one of these for the office this summer: this 6' long giant inflatable pizza slice

($30) because we think it would add much-needed value to our team brainstorms.

($17) will increase the fun factor of making meatloaf at least 5000 percent, for sure.

And our last cute pick of the day is this bunny cupcake stand

($26) which somehow also looks like art.