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10 Last-Minute Gifts for Wine and Cocktail Lovers

These upgrades will delight even the most particular home bartenders.
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Have a wine lover in your life? A cocktail fanatic? Just been drinking a tad bit more yourself this year and deserve a really cool gift, because, well, 2020? Here are ten excellent gifts to seek out—it's not too late. And even if you miss the holiday deadline, sure, January is dry for some people...

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Credit: Coravin

Coravin Pivot

This new, more affordable device from Coravin uses neutral argon gas cartridges to preserve the wine in the bottle and also dispenses the wine through the Pivot's nozzle, eliminating the need to keep corking and uncorking the bottle whenever you want to pour a glass. $99; coravin.com or amazon.com

Umanoff Wine Rack
Credit: Menu Design Shop

Umanoff Wine Rack

Arthur Umanoff was one of the prominent designers of the American Mid-century Modern movement, though he's primarily known to collectors these days. This wine rack is a reissued version of a classic Umanoff design, with black powder-coated steel and leather giving it a clean, semi-industrial look. It's both functional and austerely beautiful at once. $360; menudesignshop.com 

grassl decanter
Credit: Amazon

Grassl Decanter

Designed in Switzerland and hand-blown in Slovakia, this lead-free crystal decanter from Grassl is hand-blown but also dishwasher friendly. It's also beautiful to look at, and the perfect size for a single bottle of wine. $80; amazon.com

Karen MacNeill Flavor First Wine Glasses
Credit: Macy's

Karen MacNeil Flavor First Wine Glasses

Karen MacNeil, author of the classic Wine Bible guide to wine, has recently teamed up with Oneida for this new glassware line, which simplifies wine down into three categories—no more buying a different glass for every grape variety out there. She says, "I believe choosing a great wine glass should be as easy as drinking the wine itself. With my affordable new wine glasses—the Flavor First Collection—all you need to know is the flavor style of wine you like to drink. There's a glass for Bold & Powerful wines, a glass for Fresh & Crisp wines, and a glass for Creamy & Silky wines.  It's that simple." $100 for 6 glasses; macys.com

Repour Wine Stoppers
Credit: The Grommet

Repour Wine Stoppers

These clever stoppers contain non-toxic compounds in their tops, which absorb oxygen—almost all of it—from an open bottle, adding a week or more to its life (oxygen is what causes wine to degenerate over time once the bottle is opened). Created by chemistry Ph.D. Tom Lutz, they're ideal for wine lovers who don't always finish the entire bottle the night it's opened. As Lutz says, "Instead of displacing the oxygen—which is what other methods like vacuum devices do—why not just get rid of the oxygen in the first place?" $10 for four; amazon.com or grommet.com

titanium mixing spoon
Credit: Eating Tools

Titanium Cocktail Stirrer

Whether your cocktail enthusiast needs a titanium bar spoon isn't really the point—it's whether they'd like to have one. And the answer to that is a solid yes. Black Swan Handmade in Maine makes this hand-forged, elegant tool; the hammered bowl and iridescent highlights on the handle make stirring a cocktail a distinct experience. $98; eatingtools.com

tip top canned cocktails
Credit: Tip Top

Tip Top Canned Cocktails

Boozy stocking stuffer? We were impressed by these canned cocktails from Tip Top Proper Cocktails. The perfectly balanced Old Fashioned was our favorite, but the Negroni and Manhattan were close behind. Each can holds one cocktail; ideal for a fun gift. $32 for eight, tiptopcocktails.com 

Parcelle Wine
Credit: Parcelle Wine

Parcelle Wine Drop

There's a myriad of wine clubs out there, many of them hawking inexpensive, bulk-produced wines under made-up winery names. New York City wine shop Parcelle's new national Wine Drop subscription, though, features three small-producer, artisanal wines each month, the selection curated by Parcelle's expert team of sommeliers—industry veterans with Michelin-starred restaurant backgrounds. As a jaded, longtime wine editor, I was seriously impressed by the three bottles I was sent; that's rare for me when it comes to wine clubs. $95/month; parcellewine.com

starlino cherries
Credit: Amazon

Starlino Cherries

The gorgeously designed label for these Italian cherries wouldn't matter if the cherries themselves weren't so good. But they are. If the Manhattan-lover in your life is still making his or her cocktail with fluorescent grocery store maraschino cherries, a jar of these will make the perfect holiday gift. $29 for 2 jars; amazon.com

Vintage Gentleman Personalized Whiskey Decanter
Credit: Vintage Gentleman

Vintage Gentleman Personalized Whiskey Decanter

Personalize this elegantly made decanter with the name of your choice—and ignore the fact that it comes from a company called Vintage Gentleman; women are brown-spirits lovers, after all, as national sales statistics over the past few years have made abundantly clear. $85; thevintagegentlemen.com