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Credit: © Kohler Co.

Ah the problems of bathroom smells—spray air fresheners can go straight to your head, plug-ins rarely have enough power. If only there was a way to cut off bad odors at the source and maybe cover them with the smells of delicious fruit. Good news, now there is. Kohler, maker of a touchscreen controlled toilet, is now introducing Purefresh seats with weight-activated deodorizers. Scents come in options like fresh laundry, garden waterfall and, wait for it, "avocado spa." We’ve smelled avocados before and they're not super potent, so for good measure the aroma also includes “soft accents of tropical jasmine and rose” as well as some citrus, melon, apple and pear for a full fruit bowl experience.

The Purefresh sucks the bad air in with a fan and passes it through a carbon filter, then pushes it out over one of the prepackaged scents. And while Kohler is known for some pricey toilet options (anyone want to drop $5,000 on a toilet?) this one is actually not too bad. You could be sitting on the Purefresh, in the luxurious scent of avocado spa, for just $90. The first reviews are positive. An early adopter told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that the device made his visitors “feel more comfortable using the restroom.” Kohler began selling the seats on November 10, just in time for you to holiday gift something that keeps on giving.