Credit: © Goldbely

During the holidays you inevitably end up getting a gift from someone you didn't expect—the guy who sits behind you at work, the reclusive upstairs neighbor, the second cousin you didn't even know you had. And if you spent the weekend feeling guilty about having nothing to give in return, don't worry: There's still time to make sure no good gift goes unmatched. Here are nine cool and thoughtful instant gifts to buy online.

A gift card to Spafinder will give its holder access to 7,000 relaxing places around the country for massages, pedicures and every type of facial mask you could imagine.

Every city has some revered regional food that isn’t available anywhere elsethink Mile End Deli smoked meats, Doughnut Plant doughnuts and Kreuz Market Texas barbecue. Gold Bely and Foody Direct both ship sought-after foods from all over the country to whatever hungry person you’re giving this card to.

The most comprehensive online reservation site on the Internet offers gift cards that work at many of their restaurants.

Not every airline offers gift cards. JetBlue stopped but these companies still do.

If you know an urban dweller with a driver's license but no car, you can give them a membership to this super convenient car share service.

A gift card to SLH will let its holder pick from over 500 boutique hotels in over 80 countries.

If you aren’t sure if your giftee likes music, sports, ballet or some combination of all three, a StubHub gift card will give them access to it all

8. Hulu

A Hulu Plus subscription could be just the thing to get friends to stop using your password.

Birchbox sends monthly packs of high-end beauty and grooming products to men and women starting at $30 for three months.