These affordable gifts range from DIY paper masks to printable art.

By Food & Wine
Updated May 23, 2017
Credit: © Steve Wintercroft

1. A panda mask, a lizard mask or something much scarier.

When it comes to last-minute gifts, we're usually referring to presents that can be delivered in a card or sent via email, but this one's actually tangible. The UK-based company Wintercroft sells templates that you can print and then follow to create masks that range from adorable (pandas, pictured above) to freaky (demons). If you're not crafty, part of the gift could be that it's fun to make. From $7 at

Credit: Courtesy of Small Token

2. A small but meaningful token of virtual appreciation.

The app Small Token allows you to gift tax-deductible donations to your friends and contacts with a custom holiday card. Says their head of product, "At least your procrastination went to charity!"

Credit: Courtesy of Getty Images

3. Tickets to Adele or a sold-out jazz performance.

Who needs wrapping paper when you can gift something experiential? Tickets to see Adele this fall are already up for pricey grabs on StubHub, as well as plenty of other clutch events from sports to theater. Price varies at

Credit: Courtesy of Food & Wine

4. Food & Wine digital cookbooks.

These mini tablet cookbooks include guides to the best brunch recipes and 20 expert dishes for gluten-free cooks. From $1 at

Credit: © Modea Prints

5. Art!

Etsy dealers and enterprising artists sell their works as downloads that you can print yourself, with options ranging from pineapple posters to bontanical prints. From $1.50 at