Just don't let your burgers flip over to the dark side.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 24, 2017
darth vadar grill
Credit: © Photographer: Alex Dodson / Burned by Design Ltd.

It’s late April, so if thoughts of a summer barbecue haven’t started crossing your mind, it’s about time you moved out of the Southern Hemisphere (or possibly the Yukon). Sadly, we still have five weeks left to go until Memorial Day (or in the Yukon, four weeks until Victoria Day!) but on the bright side, that means you still have plenty of time to get all your summer of 2017 barbecue gear in order.

If you’re really looking to impress this year, why not consider turning to the Dark Side? Burned by Design, an English company that specializes in themed wood burners and fire pits, has recently caught the internet’s attention with a massive Darth Vader helmet-shaped wood burner/grill combo set. Though it’s not the first time the company has co-opted Vader’s image, it appears that Burned by Design has only recently unveiled its new “Vader Q” prototype—which works as a “dual purpose wood burner and BBQ” instead of just a wood burner alone. The grill, which is handmade out of a propane gas cylinder, features a hinged BBQ lid, stainless steel mesh behind the eyes, a two level charcoal grill and a swivel cooking grill. Finally, you can fill Anakin Skywalker’s head (SPOILER ALERT!) with hamburgers and hot dogs instead of evil thoughts and stilted dialogue.

The good news for diehard Star Wars fans with money to burn is that Burned by Design is willing to ship its products all over the world. The bad news, however, is that though the grill itself isn’t outrageously priced—approximately $500 depending on the exchange rate—the international shipping will probably set you back at least $90, not to even mention any import duty and taxes. I think now would be an appropriate time for a dramatic, “Noooooooo!”