By Noah Kaufman
Updated July 27, 2015
Courtesy of Muji

You might not know industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa’s name, but you’ve almost certainly seen the influence of his work. He’s been cited as the inspiration for some of Apple’s celebrated product design. Recently Fukasawa turned his expert eye towards the kitchen and created a toaster and quick boiling kettle (it heats water in just 80 seconds) for design brand Muji. Though the minimalist designs already enjoyed success in Japan, just this month Fukasawa brought them to the United States. His work is known for its ease of use and the seamless way it integrates into an existing space. “Our job,” he said, “is not to give forms to objects, but instead to determine their positions. If it's going to be installed near a wall or used while in a human hand – that's what's important."

And though his new appliances look stunningly simple, they come with a few advanced settings. The toaster, for example, comes with a setting for toasting frozen bread.

One other advantage of Fukasawa’s work? It might look as sleek as an iPhone, but he doesn’t keep releasing toaster operating system updates that make yours totally unusable.

You can find the toaster ($95) and the kettle ($95) at select U.S. Muji stores.