By Zach Brooks
Updated June 17, 2014
Credit: © Emmett Malloy

Special Sauce is no longer just the name of G Love’s funky Philadelphia-based backing band—it’s now an actual delicious hot sauce that you can buy in stores and at concerts. G is super-passionate about cooking. His latest album, Sugar, came out this spring. Here are five things he’d love to see on his Dream Rider while on tour:

1. A magnum of Dom Pérignon. “Why not, it’s free right?! We gotta celebrate a great show!”

2. An unlimited supply of foie gras and truffle toast. “Early on in my career the record label in France took us out for this amazing meal and since then I’ve never been able to find the restaurant again or even its preparation of foie gras. It was shredded and cold, and you had it plain on some toast. This piece of foie gras took me to heaven.”

3. His mom’s strawberry-rhubarb crisp with vanilla Häagen-Dazs ice cream. “It’s an ongoing battle because my dad likes cobbler, ’cause his mom used to make him cobbler. And cobbler to me is like the worst thing you could ever do. The difference is, cobbler has a doughy shortbread topping, and a crisp has a granola-y topping with oats and butter and brown sugar. It makes this caramelized, crunchy coating that goes on top of the fruit. And she’d make it with peach, blueberry, apple or rhubarb from the garden. It’s my favorite dessert of all time and Mom always makes it for me when I come home.”

4. Chocolate chip cookies and milk. “Because that’s my late night Achilles’ heel. Like, Balthazar (in New York City) makes some bangin’ chocolate chip cookies.”

5. A New Orleans platter with an oyster po’boy from Mahoney’s, red beans and rice with andouille sausage from Mother’s, and the fried oyster and bacon sandwich from Cochon. “With my own Louisiana hot sauce on the side, of course!”