By FWx Editors
Updated April 23, 2014
Our cat café critic.
© Lawrence Marcus

America’s first cat café opens tomorrow in New York City. The pop-up comes courtesy of Purina One and will be open through the weekend to let you finally live your dream of sneezing uncontrollably into your latte because of cat allergies. The idea behind cat cafés is not particularly new. They already exist in Japan, but this one has free food and drinks (even the cat’achinos!). One huge highlight of the sponsored event is that all of the cats are up for adoption at the end of the stunt. The official FWx Cat likes this very much because she too was a rescue. Here, she shares some more opinions about what’s going on down at 168 Bowery.

Best feature: The WiFi

Strength of the coffee: She only had decaf

The food: Not as good as she read it would be

Overall: Are any of the cats single?