We at F&W had the enviable task of trying pint after pint of ice cream (new ones available in grocery stores and online) to find the standouts. 

By Food & Wine
July 15, 2016
© Con Poulos

Alt Milk

LaLoo’s, based in Frisco, Texas, uses goat milk to make lush ice creams that are naturally lower in fat and easier to digest than the cow-milk kind. The Rumplemint is swirled with flakes of dark chocolate.
 $7 per pint; laloos.com.


McConnell’s, a 70-year-old Santa Barbara operation, produces the dairy that goes into its ice cream. Plus, 
the wine in the velvety Boysenberry Rosé Milk
 Jam comes from the owner’s vineyard. $10 per pint; mcconnells.com.

Made to Order

At Smitten Ice Cream, a mini chain of San Francisco and Los Angeles parlors, “brrristas” use a liquid nitrogen machine to make fresh ice cream fast; it takes 90 seconds 
to produce one pint. Look for the superrich Chocolate or the 
refined Earl Grey with Milk Chocolate Chips. $11 per pint; smittenicecream.com.

Easy to Find

Based in Minneapolis, Talenti sells its dense, supercreamy gelato 
in grocery stores nationwide. The salty-sweet Peanut Butter 
Pretzel has bits of crunchy salted 
pretzels and swirls of peanut 
butter and chocolate. From $5 per pint; talentigelato.com.

Single Origin

Choctál focuses on two flavors, chocolate and vanilla, highlighting sustainable cacao and vanilla 
beans from different regions around the world. The clove-and-nutmeg-scented Dominican Chocolate is amazing. $11 per pint; choctal.com.

Tea Infused

Tea-Rriffic, a small company out 
of Connecticut, adds ingredients like Japanese matcha to an all-natural ice cream base. The results are sweet, savory and incredibly refreshing. $10 per pint; tearrificicecream.com.


Started in Brunswick, Maine, 
by two friends fresh out of college, Gelato Fiasco highlights local ingredients and Italian gelato-making methods in flavors like Maine Wild Blueberry Crisp and Brown Butter Pecan. 
$60 for 6 pints; gelatofiasco.com.


Three Twins Ice Cream is sold at its California scoop shops and 
at grocers across the country. The Sundae Cones are a nostalgic favorite: The cone is coated with chocolate on the inside, filled 
with ice cream and topped with melted chocolate and peanuts. 
$6 for a box of 3; threetwinsicecream.com.

New York Centric

Ample Hills Creamery in Brooklyn, known for its over-the-top flavors and housemade mix-ins, now sells pints inspired by the locations 
of its NYC outlets. Their ode to the Bubby’s Diner takeout window 
in Manhattan includes root beer 
ice cream, mini marshmallows 
and chocolate sprinkles. 
$40 for 4 pints; amplehills.com.

Dairy Free

NadaMoo was founded in Austin by a pastry chef who wanted to make amazing 
ice cream with coconut milk for her lactose-intolerant sister. The delicate pistachio flavor is studded with crunchy nuts. From $6 per pint; nadamoo.com.