Tackle kitchen chores with an upgraded tool kit.

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Obsessions | Cleaning Products
Credit: Victor Protasio

For a clean start to the new year, we’re trading in the usual suspects under our kitchen sinks for newcomers that are free of parabens and potentially harmful chemicals such as phosphates. Nearly all of them are refillable, meaningless single-use plastic, and while they sadly won’t do the dishes or scrub the counters themselves—yet—the environment, and your health, will thank you for using them.

For the Stovetop: Veles

veles cleaner
Credit: Veles

At first sniff, it’s easy to confuse Veles’ all-purpose spray for a high-end candle. Made with chemical compounds derived from food waste, it’s our new weapon for eliminating the grime between burners. ($20, veles.com)

For Baking Sheets and Glasses: Blueland

Blueland cleaners dish soap
Credit: Blueland

Blueland’s dish powder scrubs baking sheets with ease, and Deputy Editor Melanie Hansche’s wine glasses were “literally gleaming” after one wash with their dish tablets. $18-$20 at blueland.com

For Tile Floors: Honest Co.

Honest Co. cleaner
Credit: Honest Co.

The Honest Co.’s multi-purpose spray is unparalleled at cleaning oil splatters and sticky spills from tiled kitchen floors. A new set of cleaning products, launched in December, promises to be just as powerful. $7 at honest.com

For Countertops: Puracy

Credit: Puracy

We tackled greasy marks, sticky residue, and red wine stains on a range of counter surfaces, and a drop of Puracy’s natural surface cleaner on a damp sponge or microfiber cloth did the trick every time. $7 at puracy.com

For High-Soil Pots and Pans

Puracy Dish soap
Credit: Puracy

Associate Food Editor Kelsey Youngman can’t live without this coconut-based dish soap for cookware that has seen better days. It’s also surprisingly moisturizing on skin. $6 at puracy.com