Why These Containers Are Perfect for Travel-Hungry Foodies

Cadence’s leak-proof capsules are just as handy for traveling with shampoo as sumac.

Cadence's leakproof canisters
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When I first came across Cadence's cheery, pastel-hued hexagonal containers, designed to minimize waste when traveling with toiletries, I brushed them off as a clever product that I didn't really need in an era in which I'm simply not vacationing as much as I'd like to. But the Instagram advertisements were, in true algorithmic fashion, persistent, and I found myself idly wondering how else one might use them.

After doing a bit of digging, I learned that Cadence capsules are made using certified ocean-bound plastic, which also happens to be food-safe. The lids are both leak-proof and dishwasher-friendly, which was all I needed to know before gamely using these capsules to transport heaping tablespoons (almost .6 ounces-worth!) of dried mint, sumac, and peppercorns for afternoons spent cooking in friends' apartments, getaways at AirBNBs with unpredictably stocked kitchens, and, perhaps most importantly, sharing spice blends with loved ones. They're also TSA-compliant, offering an elegant and mess-free alternative to flying with small amounts of liquids, whether that's my favorite shampoo or my favorite hot sauce.

Candence capsules come in seven colors—charcoal, eucalyptus, terracotta, pacific (light blue), sand, petal (light pink), and lavender—that you can mix-and-match in bundles of six or 12. At the moment, the capsules are made from 50% recycled plastic, a blend of reused scrap plastic and plastic collected from beaches around the world, sourced through a partnership with Envision Plastics. (The company's attention to sustainability also extends to their shipping materials— the paper in their cardboard shipping packages has wildflower seeds embedded in it, so you can plant it in your garden). The handy magnetic walls that enable multiple capsules to adhere to one another, snapping together into whatever fun formation you prefer. So far, I've transported pistachio paste, my favorite fancy finishing olive oil, and Fly By Jing's must-have Zhong Sauce without a single drip or spill. I've set aside a few canisters for my moisturizer and face wash for my upcoming wedding season travels, but because Cadence offers the option to customize its magnetic, interchangeable labels with both words and symbols, I'll also be marking a set of canisters purely for pantry use.

Colorful, clean storage with the added bonus of a labeling system? I'm sold.

Starting at $14, keepyourcadence.com

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