I've Been Ordering This Oat Milk by the Crateful

It's a shockingly perfect substitute for regular dairy in pretty much everything.

Minor Figures Oat Milk
Photo: Sarah Crowder

In the six years I've been with my now-fiancé, I've learned a lot, from why it's worth cleaning out the lint filter in the dryer (hint: dry clothes) to the merits of replacing the toilet paper roll (good karma). I've also become something of a dairy-free connoisseur, given that he has a dairy allergy, and we cook together frequently. I can prattle on about my favorite uses for oat-based butter versus coconut-based; I'm always curious to hear about vegan cashew cheeses. But the one product I'm actually flat-out obsessed with? Minor Figures Organic Oat Milk.

Oat milk has been the it-girl of the alternative-milk aisle for a while now, which is great, because it's given me a chance to sample plenty of contenders on the market. I won't name names, but some were just a tad too creamy for my taste, with an almost yogurt-like texture; others were way too sweet or had an unappealing grey tint. I've also had one that was oddly bitter. Minor Figures, on the other hand, has proven to be a shockingly perfect substitute for regular dairy in several recipes; we've used it to make the fluffiest Hokkaido milk buns, chocolate pudding, and cauliflower soup, to name a few. Now that my favorite coffee shop is no longer on my way to the office, I've also started adding it to my morning coffee, too. And since the brand specifically claims its milk will "preserve the fidelity" of high-quality coffee and tea, that makes me feel pretty damn fancy.

Minor Figures Oat Milk
Sarah Crowder

Unsurprisingly, I've treated myself to more than just one 6-pack order of Minor Figures during this pandemic. It's an indulgence, sure, but it's also been a way for me to modify the food I want to eat so that my partner doesn't have to eat a different meal from mine, especially when we're cooped up at home together.

Also, I'll go ahead and say it: the packaging is kind of adorable. Who doesn't want to drink milk from a nice English lady named Penelope dressed up in a bird costume? Your fridge could probably use the pizzazz—I know mine sure did.

To buy: Minor Figures Oat Milk, 2-Pack, $12 at amazon.com; 6-Pack, $24 at amazon.com

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