You Need These 5 Chef-Approved Tools Before Your Next Farmers Market Trip

Snip, peel, grate, juice, and grill like a pro and make the most of your produce haul.

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red handle kitchen shears alongside fresh parsley stalks
Photo: Photo by Grant Cornett / Food Styling by Maggie Ruggiero / Prop Styling by Noemi Bonazzi

Zwilling Kitchen Shears

zwilling shears

Julia Turshen, author of Simply Julia

"I use these for all sorts of tasks, many of them vegetable-related–they're not cheap, but they'll last forever. From snipping greens off of root vegetables, like beets and carrots, to clipping herbs and other leaves in my garden, and even just chopping kimchi straight in the jar it sits in, I use these scissors every single day. They're also great for cutting things like arugula in its plastic clamshell container—no need to dirty a knife or board!"

Zwilling Kitchen Shears, $51 at

Breville Juice Fountain

breville juicer

Chef Alan Delgado, Xilonen, NYC

"Vegetable juicers allow you to cook vegetables in their own juice, which doubles down on the flavor. At the restaurant, we braise our carrots in their own juice for our carrot tostada. By doing so, it reinforces that carrot flavor that would otherwise get diluted if we were to cook them in just water. This works great with any root vegetables or leafy greens."

Breville Juice Fountain Compact, $100 at

Cuisinart Grill Wok

cuisinart grill pan

Chefs/Co-Owners Katianna and John Hong, Yangban Society, Los Angeles

"These grill baskets allow you to place vegetables directly on hot coals so that they slightly char while grilling. We toss vegetables in avocado oil and season with sea salt prior to cooking; the grilling really amplifies the natural taste of the veg. It's a healthy way to incorporate a ton of depth and flavor."

Cuisinart Nonstick Grill Wok, $18 at

Kuhn Rikon Swiss Peeler

kuhn rikon vegetable peelers

Chef Lucas Sin, Nice Day Chinese Takeout and Junzi Kitchen, NYC

"This peeler allows you to pull downward, toward yourself, as you peel vegetables, meaning you're able to peel with a lot more force and control than with a swivel peeler. Kuhn Rikon makes their peelers with carbon steel blades that hold their edge particularly well. I use mine to make wide noodles of vegetables, zest citrus, and even make potato chips."

Kuhn Rikon Swiss Peeler, $7 at

Classic Microplane


Chef Caroline Glover, Annette, Aurora, Colorado

"I often use my Microplane to prepare the most flavorful components of my salads— citrus, shallots, peppers, and cheese to go on top. And I never have to mince garlic anymore. The Microplane is a game changer for that alone!"

Microplane Premium Classic Series Zester Grater, $15 at

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