Amara Tabor-Smith in

© Ana Teresa Fernandez
Amara Tabor-Smith in "Our Daily Bread."

Talking about art may be like dancing about architecture (or so David Bowie might have said), but there's no metaphor yet for dancing about food. San Francisco might need to invent one: From a city obsessed with art and food comes a new performance piece by choreographer Amara Tabor-Smith called “Our Daily Bread.” The Oakland, California–based choreographer is the current artist-in-residence at CounterPULSE, an awesome nonprofit performance space and community center. Her piece combines dance, spoken word and video to examine food traditions and social justice issues as they’re played out on the farm and at the table, and the choreography overflows with emotion and personal experience, such as her recent decision to renounce seafood (and thus her favorite dish, her mother’s seafood gumbo) out of concern for commercial overfishing. Tabor-Smith hosted a number of potluck “eat-ins" leading up to the performance, with guests like chef Bryant Terry and writer/urban farmer Novella Carpenter. “Our Daily Bread” debuted last night and runs through April 24. Tickets are available at