By Tiffany Davis
Updated June 12, 2015
Credit: Courtesy of Clean Food Dirty City

City living's not always easy. Or healthy. Or sanity-provoking.

That's where Clean Food Dirty City's Lily Kunin comes in. Clients and friends know her for in-demand private health coaching sessions, grocery shopping tutorials, meal planning and seasonal cooking guides. Her 79,000 (and growing) Instagram following knows her for easy-to-execute cooking inspiration and nutrient-packed, overhead-shot dishes that heal, nourish and satisfy. We took 5 minutes of her time to get her tips and tricks for healthy living.

What are your main food and life vices come summer?
Summer barbecues (potato chips!) and maybe one too many tequilas.

So after too many tequilas, what is your go-to hangover cure?
Ice-cold coconut water and a banana. Coconut water is super-hydrating and a natural electrolyte that will help restore blood sugar. Both are packed with potassium (which can be depleted from drinking), and restoring its levels can help ease some of the aches and pains of a hangover.

Summer is all about road trips. What make-ahead snacks do you always have with you?
I always bring tons of snacks on road trips and often don't have a ton of time to prep. My go-tos are popcorn, fresh fruit, dried fruit and raw nuts. I usually also bring along my homemade granola and my lemon chia almond cookies.

What are your personal beauty challenges, and how do you handle them?
I have breakout-prone skin, and I combat it with an all-natural beauty routine, eating clean, drinking lots of water and, most importantly, regulating stress through yoga and meditation. Living in a city is an extra skin stressor, so I make sure to literally wash the day off when I get home from work. I use a natural skin cleanser from Juice Beauty and tone with a hydrating and calming lavender mist.

What are your favorite summer healthy eats?
Always start the day with a good breakfast! When I'm at the beach, I love to make a big smoothie or pick up a California egg white wrap from Joni's Kitchen, my favorite place in Montauk. I will usually grab a big water, coconut water, or some juices for the beach and bring along lots of fresh cut fruit and veggies. Having plenty of fresh seafood, grilled vegetables and guacamole makes it less tempting to reach for something that will make me feel bloated or sluggish on a hot day. And there are always fresh summer cocktails—I love tequila and lime on the rocks!

With the heat, humidity and sun, what helps you save your skin?
hen my skin is feeling "off" I swear by this face mask: I mix a teaspoon of manuka honey with a drop of tea tree oil and apply it all over my face for about 10 minutes. It's super-hydrating and exfoliating at the same time, and the tea tree oil makes it antibacterial.